Salvatore, Tanino, (F) Chemical Control, 500g


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(F) Chemical Control Conditioner it is a capillary chemical neutralizer.


(F) Chemical Control Conditioner it is a capillary chemical neutralizer. It has low pH and hydrogen peroxide acting to buffer and effectively balance the Ph of the wires by neutralizing the action of acidic and alkaline products. It gives the hair the inner balance keeping them strong and healthy. Product F controls the chemical aggression caused by oxidation through its extremely moisturizing base which provides the closure and the silkiness of the cuticular layer of the strands.


The capillary reconstruction and replacement mask J has the amino acid compound called Lunamatrix as the main active that brings together several amino acids present in capillary keratin such as Cystine, Cysteine, Alanine and Arginine, which together create a unique recovery system that returns the lost mass acting in all the phases of the cuticle and the cortex. This bioactive effect returns the original condition of the hair allowing the hair fiber to return to its natural structure, but with extra protection to future oxidative damages. Its formula also composed of pro-vitamin of pantothenic acid acts on the synthesis of lipids and proteins giving the yarns greater resistance of the collagen fibers helping in the retention of the unit and avoiding the formation of split ends.


Your hair restored to its natural structure, protected from future oxidative damages and extremely bright.


All types of hair.


1 (F) Chemical Control Conditioner 500g

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